Open source CMS planning, design and development... YMCA Internships - Canada.

The Internships website is above all, a platform dedicated to stories of success and positive outcomes generated by people from internships all across Canada. But it’s more than that. MUCH... MUCH... More than that!


So much more than your typical website. YMCA Internships was developed using the base Drupal 7 open source platform and customized to meet the unique needs of our client team. After the completion of multiple detailed planning documents we were able to provide our clients with a interactive platform that focused on story telling and sharing across all major social networks.

The platform provides multiple levels of access (from basic user to super admin) each having their own unique set of available features and fucntionalty. Registered users have the ability to create their own content (which may include everything from text, image galleries, video, uploaded electronic documents, etc..) as well as manage their own community profile. All content created within the system flows through a custom moderation process, ensuring the quality and integrity of the site.


Administrators have the ability to create/manage additional content channels... each with their own access rules and user permissions.

Design of the platform uses the latest branding guidelines approved by the YMCA... bringing the best of design and functionality together into one solid concept. The new site has been chosen by internal program managers as a preferred case study example of how these new guidelines should be implemented.

What's next? Anything! Due to the platforms "skinable" theme system the site can be duplicated to meet additional needs within the organization... able to adapt to program specific topics.

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