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We've been busy! Please excuse us while we clean things up. :-)

While helping our clients keep their goals in sight and on target it looks as if we may let our own web presence slack a bit. No worries, the latest iteration of our site is currently in the works. Look for more information on how we've been working with our clients and business partners, access to more client tools and better social integration.

In the meantime, feel free to call 412-344-1617 for up to date information related to our services and capabilities, click on the logos to see what we've been up to, or visit our social media pages to see what’s being discussed.

Web development begins with a well thought out plan. Making it pretty is the easy part.

Drupal Development Example
YMCA Internships
Developed using the Drupal open source platform and customized to meet the unique needs of our client team. After the completion of multiple detailed planning documents we were able to provide our clients with a interactive platform that focused on story telling and sharing across all major social networks.

Providing all the right tools for your web development needs.

Based in Mt. Lebanon, PA, Herrington & Co. provides web consulting, backend programming and development, custom application development, responsive multi-platform web design, learning management systems, database integration and more. In addition? Our deep experience in agile development, user experience (UX) and interface design, plus a step-by-step development process virtually guarantees that your interactive project works seamlessly behind the scenes. All while looking fantastic (and working easily) for your target audience.

For increased sales, greater product awareness, or interactive management and presentation of content in ways you never imagined, think Herrington & Company for all of your interactive development needs.