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While helping our clients keep their goals in sight and on target it looks as if we may let our own web presence slack a bit. No worries, the latest iteration of our site is currently in the works. Look for more information on how we've been working with our clients and business partners, access to more client tools and better social integration.

In the meantime, feel free to call 412.344.1617 for up to date information related to our services and capabilities, click on the logos to your right to see what we've been up to, or visit our social media pages to see what’s being discussed.

Web development begins with a well thought out plan. Making it pretty is the easy part.

Drupal Development Example
YMCA Internships
Developed using the Drupal open source platform and customized to meet the unique needs of our client team. After the completion of multiple detailed planning documents we were able to provide our clients with a interactive platform that focused on story telling and sharing across all major social networks.

Providing all the right tools for your development needs.

Herrington & Company, LLC is a highly skilled and experienced team of web and interactive consultants, designers, developers and programmers based in Pittsburgh, PA. We are in the business of helping businesses create web and media based solutions, produce quality designs and applications, and meet deadlines. We're in the business of helping your organization provide continued results via your online investments.




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In Their Own Words:

  • Web Development Testimonial - Web Planning and Design

    “Throughout the process they were incredibly thoughtful, responsive, professional, timely, patient, and simply a pleasure to work with. And the level of on-going support has been simply amazing.”

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  • Web Development Testimonial - Sitecore and Ingeniux CMS Customization

    “They are exactly what our company looks for in a development partner, meeting our high standards of integrity and ethics, as well as demonstrating depth of knowledge in their field.”

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  • Web Development Testimonial - Web Development Partner

    “Integrity, innovation, commitment and a 24/7 get-it-done attitude. What more could you possibly ask for in a professional marketing resource partner?”

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  • Web Development Testimonial - Web Development Partner

    “Taking our intial concepts and turning them into reality. Since the initial launch of the website, we have hired Herrington & Co on in a support/consultant position and have utilized them for other web design issues.”

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  • Web Development Testimonial - Interactive Web Development Process

    “An example of the best of both worlds in interactive thinking, development and design--they fully comprehend the power, scope and possibility of the applications and programs which DRIVE web success.”

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  • Web Development Testimonial - Web Planning and Wordpress Customization

    “Patient and receptive through multiple rounds of revisions. Most notably, they went above and beyond what was required for this project, and what was even included in the initial price quote.”

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